Leicester City – The fickle finger of the fans

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September 30, 2012 by lcfcmitch

So, a mere 6 days ago, Nigel Pearson was one of the most vilified men in all of Leicestershire. The half-time boo-boys were in full voice, and despite a string of generally impressive performances which even included (shock horror!) attractive passing football, no away win in 3 matches was proving damaging for the manager of a club who for the second season running, had been touted as promotion favourites in The Championship. Many fans, pundits and general onlookers were suggesting a poor result or poor performance at home against former club Hull City could see a certain Mr. Pearson out of the door with Thai condolences…

Thai condolences…?

Despite all of this, let’s take stock for a moment and remember these facts:

– The season was still, at this point, a mere 6 games old.

– Despite a return of 0 wins from 3 away matches, Leicester City could still boast a 100% win percentage at home.

– And Pearson had, as already mentioned, confounded many critics by daring to serve up intricate passing moves and attractive attacking interplay which belied his oft-maligned yet still successful “Win Ugly” mentality during his first spell in charge.

Rational fans would be able to take all of this in, then, and reflect on what was an unspectacular, yet still not catastrophic start to the season. But as most within the Foxes community would tell you, Leicester City fans have never been what you’d call “rational”…

One of Leicester City’s more rational fans.

“PEARSON OUT!”   “He’s got to go…!”   “Just not good enough!”

Whether talking in person, listening to the infuriating Monday Night “Moan-In” on BBC Radio Leicester or trawling through pages and pages of forums and message boards, the rumblings were somewhat ridiculously getting louder with each passing day. Pearson, for his part, remained impassive as ever, dismissing any talk of speculation regarding his future with his usual guarded approach to the press. Yet everywhere amongst disgruntled Leicester City fans dreaming of “The Promised Land”, his every move, every decision and every comment was being scrutinized incessantly. For every positive comment, a so called fan would have 3 negatives. Rumours of yet more dressing room bust-ups and shady-sounding loan deals for big name stars surfaced, and doubts began to spring up in the minds of even the staunchest of Pearson supporters about whether the man actually had a grip over the dressing room.

Fast forward 6 days, 5 goals and 2 wins and the outlook is very, very different. Forget “PEARSON OUT!”, chants of “THERE’S ONLY ONE NIGEL PEARSON!” are the new in thing. The man can suddenly do no wrong. The feeling even filters down to the players. Matty James, who 3 games previous “hasn’t got what it takes at this level”, is all of a sudden “a rock-solid central midfielder”. The closest you could’ve came to coaxing a compliment for Dave Nugent from a Foxes fan was that he was a “workhorse”. One hat-trick later and he’s good enough to be leading the line in the Premier League.

The face Nige would probably be wearing answering his critics after today’s 2-1 win over Middlesborough

At the end of the day, it’s amazing the sort of reaction that 180 minutes of league football can inspire from any fan, for better or worse. And it’s equally amazing (if a little scary…) just how fickle Leicester City fans continue to prove to be…


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